Livlon Pte Ltd was incorporated in 2004, importing fresh and frozen seafood products, fruits, and vegetables from Japan. We started off supplying to Japanese restaurants in hotels and locally-owned Japanese restaurants. 

As business continues to expand, we have also increased our supplier network and started supplying to various restaurants, including large organisations such as Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands, offering quality ingredients to cater to all types of cuisines. Over time, we expanded our product line and included beef, sake, and groceries.

Livlon imports its products from central wholesale markets based in Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka, such as Toyosu Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market and Osaka Municipal Central Wholesale Market , as well as individual manufacturers, wholesalers and local fishermen.

We pride ourselves on our strength of having many years of experience in supplying high-quality, reliable Japanese ingredients to various types of restaurants in Singapore, including high-end, casual, local, and Japanese-owned restaurants.

All our fresh sashimi grade seafood are based on indent order terms and stock is not kept for our customers except for frozen seafood, beef, sake, and groceries.


Livlon seeks to provide the best premium Japanese produce with outstanding quality, service, and competitive prices. We are committed not only to provide the freshest ingredients but also to uphold the safety and hygiene standards and regulations from japan to us and to our customers in Singapore.

We want people to taste the finest Japanese produce through us. Hence, delivering consistently good quality products from various prefectures in Japan for all seasons to our treasured customers.

We are very sincere in fostering a good relationship with our suppliers and customers to stimulate a healthy working environment between all parties.


Humans are gifted with the 5 senses. It is the ability to sense things that make humans one of the smartest beings in the world. By leveraging these 5 senses, we can create a future filled with fulfillment and happiness.

Mother nature has offered us plenty of wonderful natural resources that allow living things to thrive in this environment. Humans are ranked highest in the food chain and, we are always inspired to use a wide array of ingredients to create delectable dishes.

We are a food wholesaler focusing on Japanese ingredients since 2004. We will do our best to meet every customer’s needs with our highest quality of Japanese ingredients that are by far the most highly regarded in the world. We will serve as an intermediary to provide finely selected Japanese ingredients so that our customers will be able to bring out the best flavors of all cuisines. Moreover, our highest priority is set on delivering the best quality food with the best service to meet the needs of our customers in Singapore.

In this unprecedented moment where the world is plagued with coronavirus, we must adapt ourselves to the new normal and emerge on top. With the motto “Live Long”, which is also the origin of our company name, all staff will continue to devote themselves every day so that we can deliver great gratitude to all customers in Singapore and suppliers in Japan.

We are grateful for your long trusting relationship, guidance, and encouragement towards us.


-Koji Ito-


Livlon Pte Ltd has four cold rooms and one warehouse where our office is also based. Currently, we have eight freezer trucks and one van for deliveries.

Our drivers are well trained and have excellent Japanese product knowledge. This is a great asset to the team as when the products are delivered, they are able to sort and point out to the chefs what each and individual products are in the shortest period of time. This expedites the whole delivering process to all our customers.

Our drivers also strictly adheres to the highest food safety and hygiene standards. The repacking of the products is done swiftly and ice packs are changed to retain the freshness of the seafood. This contributes to the overall efficiency of the delivering process and hence, we can deliver the freshest products to our customers in the shortest amount of time. Given the many years of experiences performing under tremendous stress and pressure, our supply chain team has played a huge role in the success of the company.

Our total company strength consists of more than 20 Japanese and local staff with decades of experience, and extensive knowledge in Japanese seafood, beef, sake, fruits, vegetables and non-food items.

The corporate team comprises three key departments - Sales, Admin and Finance.

Today, we have managed to train a select team of young, capable, loyal and versatile management staff to propel the company towards new future milestones.

The new team is well-equipped to steadfastly accomplish the company's original mission, and provide the best services to all our treasured customers.